Tian Lang Trainers, the footwear of choice for hundreds of millions of Chinese workers, are now available outside of the Middle Kingdom for the first time. ospop. is offering this classic shoe to consumers with discerning taste worldwide.

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Originally called Jie Fang Xie, meaning Liberation Shoe, it was first made at the beginning of 50's, along with the start of Chinas rubber industry. The army was the first to add a cotton canvas upper to transform them into the sneaker design still in production today. The shoe has taken the people through world wars, revolutions, vast political and economic change and is still the most popular choice of work shoe as China retakes it’s claim as the original superpower. tested over half a century


The clean lines and industrial toughness of this canvas trainer have kept its treads continuously marking the streets, barracks, fields and floors of China’s many provinces. The Tian Lang factory lies in rural Wen Xian county, Henan. Once the 11th century center of the civilized world and just a short leap from the infamous mountains of Shaolin.
OSPOP have transformed the basic Tian Lang trainer, it has been completely re-engineered to surpass international quality standards. A twice-vulcanized bottom sole Specially selected color proof tougher canvas Each pair comes with 2 color sets of high quality shoelaces. Highest grade insole. Originally designed for US hiking shoe market, extra support and superior comfort. The embroidered ‘Gong’ character (meaning labor or worker) crowns every Tian Lang ankle. Currently available in 3 colors to symbolize the ageing of the original non colorfast canvas


In 2003 the idea to export this historically important shoe was put into motion, OSPOP formed a partnership with the original Tian Lang factory in WenXian. That partnership soon moved toward not only developing a truly original limited line of street wear but also an agreement to help the people of this area. [link to charity] Hundreds of millions of people depend on these tough-wearing trainers everyday. Workers from across the country take pride in these tough, homegrown shoes. OSPOP take pride in bringing you this product. OSPOP stands for and believes in this One Small Point Of Pride. one in one point three billion

OSPOP have developed project local to the factory which produces these shoes. These shoes represent another side of China, a rugged landscape far away from the glittering skylines of Shanghai.
On May 23rd 2007 when travel to the factory, our visit was attended by the school we are currently helping, many of whom, have parents producing the shoe. The meeting was a major event for the community and covered by the local news network. web design in shanghai.

ospop. is offering this classic shoe to consumers with discerning taste worldwide. JIE FANG XIE 解放鞋